Introducing Spark: A community-created concept.

Loyalty counters: The new Mana.

The Spark mechanic uses Planeswalker Loyalty as an alternate casting cost.  'Spark' spells can still be cast using mana, but your Planeswalkers can now use their Loyalty to cast spells for you, and even to supercharge their effects.   

Absorb their Spark to cast your spells.

Spark brings new and unpredictable powers to Planeswalkers, pushing them far beyond their static, familiar abilities. Use their Loyalty counters to cast spells, and save your mana to take advantage of the situation. 

Boost your spells or your Planeswalkers.

Spark spells don't always cost Loyalty—they can also add more Loyalty to a Planeswalker in exchange for your sacrifice. It's up to the caster in the moment to decide whether to pay with their mana or with something more costly: their cards, their phases,  their permanents, or even their life. 

New power from  existing mechanics.

As a Planeswalker's spark grows stronger, so do the interactions they have with the magic of the Multiverse. Spark can combine with other powerful abilities to unlock new potential from cards and lore.
A Flexible Mechanic for All Players

Spark adds new power at every level.

Loyalty-as-a-resource can be simple enough for new players to enjoy
and still provide the depth that experienced players love about Magic.

Colors of a Planeswalker

The bread-and-butter spells of any deck can be given fresh new life with Spark. These spells only require Loyalty from a Planeswalker in touch with the mana required to cast them.

Types of Planeswalkers 

These advanced spells are from the archives of the Planeswalkers themselves, and can be cast by any version of that character in the Multiverse—and in some  cases, by more than one Planeswalker.

Specific Planeswalkers 

These mythical spells are from the Spellbooks of specific Planeswalker characters,  and capture the peak of their ability. The requirements to cast these are strict, but the power they offer is unmatched.

Increased Strategy for Existing Cards

Spark brings new value to every Planeswalker.

Spells that draw on Loyalty give every Planeswalker more utility, more versatility, and a more strategic role in the deck. Now, players work together with their Planeswalkers to transform their Spark into great advantage.

High-Loyalty Planeswalkers

Planeswalkers with high loyalty become valuable resource banks for Spark spells, adding unpredictable new abilities that give these fearsome characters an even greater impact when they hit the battlefield.

High-Cost Planeswalkers

Spark spells give every deck new reasons to include Planeswalkers. Whether early or late in the curve, Spark expands their utility and offers new strategies to the many popular archetypes across formats.

Limited-Use Planeswalkers

War of the Spark introduced Planeswalkers with static and minus-Loyalty abilities. Spark breaks them out of these limits, with spells that add loyalty, new abilities, and take advantage of their higher Loyalty.

A Community-created Concept

Designed by Guybrush Taylor and the gang at r/custommagic

Spark is a concept for what could be possible in Magic.

What started as an idea on my lunch break became an exciting new design space in just a few days, all thanks to the r/custommagic community and their amazing collaboration, insight, and feedback.

As a kitchen-table player since 1994, it's incredible to me that there are still so many new ways to innovate within Magic. As an Executive Creative and Strategy Director, I can say that the advertising world has a lot to learn from the consistent creativity and storytelling of this great game!

I hope that the excitement we all felt about this mechanic during its development is coming through here! If it's inspiring to the folks at Wizards in any way, many of us would love to see a mechanic like Spark explored in the printed game. Thanks for your time and for all the amazing work you do!