Spark & Color

Simple spells that only require the loyalty from Planeswalkers aligned to its mana.

Spark & Planeswalker

Spells that require loyalty from specific Planeswalker types or cards.

Spark & Planeswalker Kickers

Spells that have extra benefits and drawbacks when the Spark cost is paid.

Spark & Planeswalker Artifacts

Spells that summon the unique items of Planeswalkers.

Spark & Meld

Two fragments of The Blind Eternities. Two corrupted Planeswalkers. Two inevitable ends.
Introducing Spark

Where else could Spark lead?

Fittingly, the 'Spark' mechanic could be the start of something big. Both myself and many of the great folks at r/custommagic were really excited by Spark's potential to open new doors in Magic. Whether you're a card designer, or a designer at Wizards, if Spark leads you into new design spaces and gameplay, I'd love to hear about your adventures with it!